Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Technology and Robots

So our family is not the most advanced in technology. Travis and I do not have smart phones, Travis doesn't even have texting! We use our portable DVD player as our house DVD player, we do not own a GPS, and we use a desktop. BUT we stepped right in and bought a Toshiba Thrive Tablet thingy. Just the fact that I called it a thingy should let you know I am really not sure what to call it, I called it an IPad at first but was corrected.

Anyways, Travis loves it, the girls love it, I love it. We pretty much fight over who gets to use it in the evenings. But with all the shifting around I decided we needed a case for it, and not one that cost 30 bucks at Best Buy. I made one.

Here is the tutorial I used, I must admit all the numbers and measurements at the top confused me, I know me a self proclaimed math person was confused, but the pictures made so much sense to me. It is actually for a labtop but of course mine came out smaller.

So here is mine... Travis said, "no girly fabrics please."
And so I walked into the back room and looked at this large fabric stash to find that I have A LOT of pinks and purples and flowers and swirls and polka dots.
But I did find some ROBOTS!

So now to go to the other side, this is my next project, just looking for some old pots and pans to get us started.
via Soule Mama

How do you balance technology and good old outdoors fun with your kids?

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