Friday, July 8, 2011


So in our attempt to eat more fruits and vegtables, I decided to try my hand at a cauliflower recipe. But trust me I am sure with butter and cheese cauliflower can take a walk on the wild side and become not so healthy. First let's look at some yummy pictures of other recipes!

gluten free mashed cauliflower recipeMashed Cauliflower Travis said he would be able to tell the difference right away, but I am thinking maybe a 50/50 might be a good idea the first go around. Half potatoes, half cauliflower.

Simple CauliflowerSimple Cauliflower Recipe -  This website also has some yummy recipes for eating healthy and using more natural and raw foods.

Cauliflower Dal with Panch PhoranCauliflower Dal - This is from the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen. Looks good for the cold weather, not so much during some Texas heat.

And then here is my cheesy goodness. I used a recipe from Jamie Oliver. Heres a link to his Website.
It was delicous, Travis ate 3 servings, and in the end there were no leftovers.

I even used the corning ware I got from my Papa after he died. Use it all the time.

So go ahead try cauliflower. Get creative.

Friday, July 1, 2011


My husband is a workaholic, he works anywhere from 60-150 hours a week. I understand he works for the family business and really takes pride in the work he does. He also get frustrated when he is sitting in Louisiana just to sit at a site "on call". How he racks up so many hours amazes me. Because even when he works 80 hours a week he still seems to be home with us and the kids. Anyways, this is what he looked like for a week...

So we planned a vacation to go see this Laura. Kansas and Texas girl, met in New Hampshire while coaching volleyball at a summer camp for girls. God knew we needed each other. We have been together (though thousands of miles apart) through our good times and bad the past 7 years! So we planned to go up to Omaha to see her.

I love this one of us sliding down the huge slides, Laura beat me down. We had a good time, Ruth adores Laura, and it was great to spend some face time with my best friend. I love you Laura.

So we went through 6 states during our vacation... Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and New Mexico.