Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 1... so good so far....

They advise you to change cloth diapers every 1-2 hours.

Also when we went to the YMCA I put her in a disposable.

But they have been easy peasy to use.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Uh oh, I think I'm hippie'ish

So we have decided to invest in something.....
No not and we already had diapers (some of the time).... But a newer better diaper.

These are called gDiapers.

They are clothe.

Gasp! What?

Yes, we are trying out clothe diapers. The ones you have to wash the poop out of.

Yes, poop. I am aware that this will happen.

But look how precious they are. Marie is not home right now, but I bet her bottom is going to look adorable in this. And this is the back so the velcro is in the back, which will stop her from taking off her own diaper.

Now we did not decide to do this just because they are cute (but it was a bonus.) Though a more expensive investment in the beginning, clothe diapers still save money. And they are better for the enviornment. And yes we care about our Earth. I was raised in a recycling center...hehe. No but really I think my mom brought recycling to Needville. But anyways, we are going to try it out during the day while at home first, and see how we progress.

If you are interested check out these sites for more information on gDiapers...
A First Mom - About gDiapers
gDiapers Website
See Kate Sew - Handmade gDiaper Liners - and next I want to make some of these~

Aren't these adorable! Oh I am so in love. Ok now to get the babe and put them on her. Oh can't wait.

Have any of you used clothe diapers before?