Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Breastfeeding anytime, anywhere....

As Marie's 1st birthday has come and gone, weaning seems to come up in conversation and in my mind. Ruth nursed till about 14 months or so. A month later we found out we were expecting Marie. Some say the milk changes taste. I was ready to continue nursing while pregnant, but she led the weaning and I was left wimpering at the time we got to spend so close together.

So now here we are again, Marie is 1. We want to start planning for baby 3 (this may seem crazy to some, but we are so excited to have more children. Ruth and Marie are 22 months apart and it is working very well for us. Every family is different) Anyways we have introduced whole milk, mostly because Marie always wants what Ruth has. I was doing some reading up on the subject, just breastfeeding in general and I came across something I found very fun to read.

ALERT: it was fun to read because a) I am a mom b) I love breastfeeding c) I breastfeed anywhere I need to and d) I love reading stuff about women who breastfeed. So if you are say a man with no children and a fear of breast, this might not be all that "fun" to read.

50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anywhere. Anytime.

I like number 38 - I hope the women in my life are more likely to try breastfeeding because of years of observing me.

Number 41 - My girls are growing up knowing boobies are for feeding babies. I love to watch R imitate this with her dolls.

And my favorite of the 50 reasons...
46. Because an awful lot of women show more breast when they are not breastfeeding than breastfeeding mothers show when they are breastfeeding.

Happy Breastfeeding Mommies!

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